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Don’t Let Depression Defeat You!

Feeling a little down from time to time is a normal phenomenon that most of us experience. However, when feelings of sadness, despair, or emptiness linger to the point where they are interfering with your ability to function optimally in your daily life, you may be suffering from depression. According to the Center for Disease […]

Discover the Benefits of Mindfulness

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking more about past and/or future things than what you’re doing in the present? If so, you might be missing much of the beauty the life has to offer. Perhaps, you’re not performing daily tasks to the best of your ability or it might be that you’re very efficient and […]

Is Giving to Charity Always a Stage Seven Endeavor?

Since your view of charity (giving/receiving of time, money, or other tangibles to/from others) is a very personal matter, the short answer is no. Contributions of time or money to charity or a cause you support is a situation where your unique values prevail. Your true motive is what tells the story. For example, at Stage […]

Bringing Sexy Back: Reclaiming Your Sexuality

If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while, are thinking about entering a new relationship, or have found that your relationship has become “sexless”, the idea of having a sexual encounter can be very exciting, but also very nerve-racking. It’s easy to lose touch with your sexual self, so it’s important to […]

For a Stronger Relationship, Resolve Your Conflicts

No two people can agree on everything, but disagreements or arguments in your relationship don’t have to end with one or both of you angry or in tears. Here are some suggestions to make the bumps in your relationship a little less difficult and more satisfying. Create a code word-Very rarely when communication goes awry do […]

Don’t Let Your Expectations Do You In

Whether your anger stems from road rage, your relationship, your job, or anything else in your life, the underlying cause might be the same. It’s easy to blame the driver who cut you off, your partner, or your boss for “making you feel angry”, but it’s your expectations that are probably the real culprit. The truth is, […]

Make Your Relationship Stronger With These Communication Tools

When life’s in full swing, it’s easy to neglect communicating to your partner what’s important in your relationship. And you’re communicating well, when your partner actually hears the message you mean for him or her to hear. This doesn’t always happen, which can be a source of frustration for both of you. Maybe you and/or […]

Internet Procrastination: Why We Do it and How to Stop

Ever set out to do a task only to later find yourself wasting endless time on websites such as Facebook or Twitter? Do you hop on the computer to write that important email, but within   a few minutes get sidetracked into mindless web surfing finding later you haven’t done what you’ve set out to […]