With Dr. Michael Broder’s Help Yourself Audiotherapy Series

you are now only seconds away from attacking your most difficult personal issue(s)!

Help Yourself is a set of highly interactive and user-friendly audio programs designed to give you the tools you need to understand and resolve your most haunting personal problems– as you listen— and in the privacy of your home or car (please scroll down for the titles of our current programs).

Help Yourself Audiotherapy Programs
emphasize, the latest state-of-the-art research proven strategies and techniques that have been consistently shown to deliver lasting results. By this we mean to help you resolve your specific issue in the shortest time possible by using action steps shown to deliver maximum efficiency and effectiveness!

Help Yourself Audiotherapy Programs
are the only self help programs of their kind that are both used and highly endorsed by mental health and other helping professionals (such as physicians, nurses and coaches). Many of these professionals use the Help Yourself programs as an important part of their treatment.

Also, see testimonials from those who have simply enjoyed dramatic life changing results because they used them. Each program comes in your choice of three formats with a workbook containing in print all of the actual exercises and strategies that are heard on the audio programs.

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Since 1994, Help Yourself Audiotherapy Programs have helped hundreds of thousands around the world to make permanent life changes–risk free. Immediate help for you is only seconds and a few clicks away.

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