Help Yourself Audiotherapy Programs

By Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.

With Dr. Michael Broder’s The Help Yourself Audiotherapy programs… you are now only seconds away from attacking your most difficult personal or relationship issues!

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HelpYourself Relationship Programs:

All Help Yourself programs are now available in your choice of three formats: MP3 CD, and cassette! Each program comes with a workbook containing all of the actual strategies in print that are heard on the audio programs.

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Dr. Broder’s Nightingale Conant Audio Albums:

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Positive Attitude Training: The Power of Cognitive
Behavioral Psychology

A seven cassette
program designed to
help you to become an unshakable optimist in every area of your life.

“Of the many tapes on this subject
that I have heard, this program by Dr. Michael Broder is by far the best.
… Anyone who listens carefully to these tapes and who works at
carrying out Dr. Broder’s highly instructive points and clear exercises, will benefit greatly from the experience.”

Albert Ellis, Ph.D., Author of GUIDE TO RATIONAL LIVING


Self Actualization: Achieving Your Full Potential

This six cassette program will give you all the principles and techniques you will need to make all that you could ever dream come true. The rest is up to you! J.F.

A must for anyone who recognizes that there could be a gap between what your life is and what your life could be. “ L.R.

Picks up where Maslow left off and brings his work into the 21st century- with the strategies I needed to apply self actualization principles to my life!K.S.


Books by Dr. Michael Broder


The Art Of Living Single (paperback) & Living Single After The Sexual Revolution (hard cover)
The Book of the Month Club refers to this book as “The
bible for singles!”
The Art Of Staying
in hard cover or paperback)
“Smart, sensible and sophisticated … for today’s couples interested
in making their relationship last.”
Book of The Month
Club. “
For anyone who wants to have or
improve a marriage or long term love relationship. ” The only
relationship book you’ll ever need!” Publisher’s Weekly.

Can Your Relationship Be Saved? How To Know
Whether To Stay Or Go

“Dr. Broder offers strategies to
salvage and rekindle those unions that can be saved, and unlike most…books, shows how to part company without guilt. or regrets when
that is the better option. I highly recommend this book!” —
Arnold A. Lazarus, Ph.D., Author of MARITAL MYTHS REVISITED
The Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy (with
Goldman, Ph.D


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