Custom Designed Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Michael Broder has made over 1200 presentations
to professional, business and lay audiences.


Dr. Michael Broder conducts custom-designed trainings and seminars for professionals, organizations and lay audiences as well as keynotes and popular talks on the topics of his books, articles and audio programs.(Scroll down for a sampling of some organizations for whom Dr. Broder has spoken.)

Throughout his career, Dr. Broder has trained many thousands of psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals in the USA, Canada and England in continuing education seminars on numerous areas of cognitive behavioral results-oriented psychotherapy and couples counseling. (Scroll further down for a list of some organizations that have sponsored him for CE seminars.)

To inquire about a training or speaking engagement, determine the right program for you or to discuss having a talk or seminar tailored by Michael Broder to the needs of your group, organization or conference, please contact our office (215-545-7000/ 800-434-8255) or email Dr. Michael Broder directly at

A Sampling of Organizations for whom Dr. Broder has Spoken:

Altman Weil, Inc.
Ampersand Group
ARCO/BP West Coast Products LLC
Bnai Brith
Boeing Defense and Space Group
Canyon Ranch: ( Lennox, Mass and Tucson, Arizona)
Churchill Centre (London, England)
Ethical Society
Free Library of Philadelphia
General Electric
Gurney Inn
HIA (Healthcare Information Associates)/Infologix
Human Affairs Inc.
Institute of Awareness
CIGNA Corporation
International Association of Women Police Officers
Jewish Employment and Vocational Service
Jewish Family Service
Learning Annex – (NYC and Philadelphia, PA)
Marketing Source
Mental Health Consultants
National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts (NARTSH)
National Organization for Women (NOW)
N.J. State Dept of Human Services Management Development Institute
92nd Street Y (NYC)
O’Neil and Widelock
Parents Without Partners
Pennsylvania Police Officers Association
Philadelphia Police Department
Philadelphia Writers Association Conference
Phoenix Society
Police Family Life Education Protect
Rehab After Work
Saint Andrew of the Apostle
Su Casa
University of Mass. Family Business Center
US Department of Probation

Some of the Organizations for which Dr. Broder Has Trained Mental health Professionals in Continuing Education (CE) Workshops and Seminars:

American Psychological Association (APA)
Ancora Psychiatric Hospital
Albert Ellis Institute (AEI)
Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP)
Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment
Conference Development Inc.
California Psychological Association (CPA)
Eagleville Hospital
Employee Assistance Program Association (EAPA)
Esalen Institute
Family Institute of Philadelphia
Greeley Institute
Hahnemann University
Horsham Institute
Indiana Psychological Association (IPA)
Lima Associates
Media Psychology Associates
National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
New York Psychological Association (NYPA)
Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA)
Pennsylvania State Hospital at Byberry
Philadelphia Society for Clinical Psychologists (PSCP)
Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (SSSS)
Temple University
Thomas Jefferson University
University of Pennsylvania
Veterans Hospital
Veteran’s Association (VA) Medial Center
World Association for Sexology

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