The Secrets of

Sexual Ecstasy

Michael S. Broder. Ph.D.
Arlene Goldman, Ph.D.

“This is by far the most helpful and comprehensive book we have ever read on how to make sex with your partner nothing short of great”– Gail Richmond, San Diego, CA

With Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy you will:

  • Discover the five ingredients for sexual ecstasy and make them a permanent part of your relationship…
  • Maximize your erogenous zones and fantasy life …
  • Build a strong foundation for sexual connection …
  • Learn the importance of attitude, comfort, and communication…
  • Overcome barriers to great sex– guilt, shame, fear, silence, anxiety, self-consciousness, and much, much more !

Heightened arousal, deeper intimacy, and lasting passion These are just a part of sexual ecstasy and the best sex of your life. It all starts with the brain, often called the most powerful sex organ. And it’s all within your reach. It simply takes the right state of mind, the right communication, and a little technique, too.

In their new book Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy, Broder and Goldman introduce their unique and powerful model consisting of the five ingredients any couple can learn to experience that when present will deliver the maximum degree of sexual ecstasy possible.

The book will teach you how to make those ingredients a staple of your relationship, and will gives the straight talk on fantasies, foreplay and that all-important element of communication. In addition to tips on how to maintain high levels of sexual ecstasy indefinitely, the book concludes with an extremely comprehensive listing of additional resources and guides..

In Addition You’ll learn:

  • How to assess your sex life and pinpoint areas that need attention.
  • How to train you brain to fall in love again
  • Exactly how to make sex between you and your partner the best it’s ever been and watch it get get better and better and better!


And much more!

More Reviews:

“Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy” helped me to understand how my own sexuality affects and is affected by all my senses. I might have known this unconsciously, but now I understand the need for building life’s wonderful sensual blessings into everyday life. Intentionally. Purposefully… -M.W.

I found great support for my belief that a wonderful, warm, loving sexual relationship is a transcending force in one’s life. And, of course, in the lives of two! Thank you, Drs. Broder and Goldman, for your gift to lovers …and all who would hope to be. -G.F.B.

No pun intended, but “Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy” reminds me a bit of sports “how-to” books from the 70s and 80s. Pay attention, but take it easy, they said. Enjoy the moment and your goal of winning the set, the game, or the round will take care of itself. -C.J.

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