About My Coaching Services

Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.

Part my practice is focused on coaching executives, and other high achieving clients in such areas as sports, entertainment, the media, the professions, education and politics who would like to maximize their performance, connect with their innate gifts in order to create their own brand of “magic”, reach daunting goals, are contemplating a major life change, striving to optimally motivate themselves or others, and/or choosing a new direction in a specific part of life. This process often entails identifying sources of maximum life satisfaction, motivation, passion, purpose, creativity and connection; then using custom strategies to work through crucial decisions and objectives.

I also help many people around the world — by telephone, FaceTime or Skype — who have read my books, articles or blogs: or experienced my online course or audio programs and can use some assistance with breaking an impasse in one or more life areas. Over the years, I have developed a reputation for coaching professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who have been successful by virtue of their own passion; yet are now struggling to optimize their talents, reignite/ refocus their purpose or passions, change direction, or simply arrive at what for them is that next plateau or mission. 

Many of my past and present clients are those who enjoy (or enjoyed) outstanding positions of excellence and/or leadership in their fields; but are now burned out, unchallenged, unenthusiastic or downright unsatisfied with what may have once been a mission that brought with it a great source of satisfaction and fulfillment. In other words, converting even massive success to happiness and fulfillment is often a process that requires focus, tweaking and strategy.

The premise is simple. In order to burn out, you needed to have been on fire! It is a rare person indeed, who has had the experience of seeing their passion induced dreams and skills produce outstanding results — that will later settle for anything less. The good news is that with the right strategies, passion can be reignited and re-focused on what can give you that same (or even a much higher) level of satisfaction than you may have ever had. Together we will design a custom set of strategies to do just that; and then work with them until we see the desired result. My approach is one that is highly focused on the uniqueness of your situation, and is usually– but not always– a short term process.

My biographical Information is available on this website. However, what I haven’t included in that bio is the fact that in my early career, I was an accountant. I founded and ran a successful accounting firm (that is still operates today), until I started the process of changing my career to become a psychologist (my far deeper and truly fulfilling passion). The reason I changed careers was clear. I was simply feeling unchallenged running my accounting firm. And in my case, that led to the type of burnout that necessitated a major change. Psychology, my present field gives me the new challenges I crave every day. But while major life changes of the magnitude I went through when I switched careers are necessary for many, for others a simple sharpening of focus, a re-evaluation of what motivates them, or some objective clarification of possibilities can be just as effective. If we decide to work together, we will collaboratively make this assessment during the initial phase of the process.

My career as a psychologist now includes having been a divisional president of APA (American Psychological Association), the CEO of an internationally acclaimed training institute, a local and national radio host, a management consultant for a wide variety of organizations on both big picture and day to day management issues, a speaker, a psychotherapist and coach to high achievers, a continuing education trainer of psychologists and author of numerous popular books and articles for both professionals and laypeople; as well as audio programs including Seven Steps To Your Best Life (my brand new online course), Self Actualization: Achieving Your Full Potential and Making Crucial Choices and Major Life Choices and many others that pertain to my coaching services, which you can get more information about on my resource page for high achievers

Call my office at 215-545-7000 or 800-434-8255 or e-mail me: MB@MichaelBroder.com  for fees, your specific questions about the process, its appropriateness for your situation or to make an appointment. Sessions can be done by telephone, Skype or at my office in Center City Philadelphia (when it is prudent to resume face to face meetings once again ).