The Seven Stages Of Transformation

Michael S. Broder. Ph.D.

Growing as a positive, powerful person in all aspects of your life is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. To facilitate this kind of transformation, you need something tailored to your own unique talents, goals, and needs.

The Seven Stages of Transformation will introduce you to a simple yet extremely powerful process known as “Stage Climbing.” Backed by 30-plus years of research and development and clinically proven with thousands of Dr. Michael Broder’s patients and clients, this customized process will show you exactly how to understand and overcome any obstacle that is keeping you stuck and off the path to your highest potential. Best of all, it takes just minutes!

In this breakthrough program, you’ll learn about seven distinct stages from which we view our lives. Dr. Broder will help you identify the stage at which you are presently operating in a given area of life, and then guide you to choose a target stage consistent with the goal you are aspiring to in that area. Along the way, you will learn how to understand and resolve your most daunting issues and take charge of your life as never before, as you:

  • Put your past in perspective so that you can hardwire the attitudes and beliefs consistent with living life now at your highest potential
  • Discover why certain relationships in the past may not have worked out, and how to quickly and permanently turn that pattern around
  • Access your inner resources to find what truly motivates you, choose the exact life you want, and clear any obstacles to living it — in the shortest time possible
  • Through experiential exercises, be able to model yourself after those who have reached the highest levels of stage climbing, and take all limits off your life
  • And so much more!