Alicia T. Rozycki Lozano, Ph.D.

“The concepts in Stage Climbing integrated a variety of developmental and therapeutic psychological theories in a well organized and practical manner; the concepts were worded in a way to be useful to practitioners and laypeople alike. In reading about careers, romantic relationships, family relationships, altruistic endeavors, and other facets of life, I thought of scenarios in my own life, the lives of friends and loved ones, and my patients. Personally, the concepts gave me courage to enact behavior change by addressing a professional issue with an authority figure; I felt empowered for having stood up for myself! I have no doubt this book would be useful in helping others in understanding and changing their own behavior by realizing the areas in their own life that could benefit from growth and change.”

— Alicia T. Rozycki Lozano, Ph.D., Clinical and Counseling Psychologist, San Angelo, TX