Can Your Relationship Be Saved?

By Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

In the short run, it could seem easier to stay in a bad relationship than to face the pain of separation. Or even to leave a potentially good relationship that could most likely be saved and thrive in the long run – rather than to face those painful, yet short-term relationship issues!

But the worst of all possible worlds is to remain indecisive, stuck, or feeling trapped. This “comfortable state of discomfort” could literally ruin the quality of your life.

If your relationship is beset by problems that are prompting you to explore ending it, you may need some very specific help to determine if your relationship can be saved. Either way, it is essential to know what your options and choices are, for whichever direction you determine is the right one for your unique relationship.

In this audio program (and workbook containing all of the strategies), Dr. Broder gives you the specific tools for evaluating both the current and potential bottom line status of your marriage or love relationship. Numerous exercises, along with interactive guidance, help you to focus on confronting the issues you have identified – head on!


See what others had to say:

“This program changed my life by showing me that I no longer have to fear change.”

– Leon Tensur

“The exercises helped me to get out of the career rut I’d been in for several years.”

-Ralph Sheers

“I really enjoyed listening to this program and using the many techniques it provided me. It taught me how to use visualization as a very effective decision-making tool. Decisions are so much easier when you know how to make the choices really clear.”

– Jennifer Pearson