Connecting With Your Source of Your Passion

To the extent that you believe, as I do, that the most powerful answers and guidance you seek reside inside of yourself just waiting to be accessed, it’s crucial to find a regular practice to tap into this precious source of information, passion, and peace. Examples include regular meditation, yoga, long quiet and reflective walks, visualization and journeying, or a combination of them that uniquely suits you. They all provide excellent tools to deepen your conscious connection with your inner core. Whatever gets you there is the best intervention at Stages Six and higher. There are numerous sources of information available to help you develop and enhance these practices as staples in your life. Some of the best books as well as places where meditation and other practices are taught can be found right here at

Mindfulness meditation is an extremely easy thing to learn, yet something that few people (if any) actually master completely. Sit comfortably in a chair with both feet on the ground, close your eyes, and gently focus all of your attention on your breathing (without trying to change how you breathe in any way). Do this for a set period of time. If you haven’t done meditation before, start with a five minute session daily, then increase it by five minutes per week until you are at somewhere between twenty and thirty minutes per session. Do one or two sessions daily as time and your willingness permits. Simply stay in the present moment while being still, centered, grounded and non-judgmental, while following your natural breath as a guide. Whenever you are aware of your mind taking you in another direction, simply let go of the thought and then let yourself gently drift back to concentrating on your breathing. Doing this while being fully receptive―yet, not attached―to whatever comes up for you, takes some practice; but is well worth it both in the short run and over time. This is meditation at its best. There are many roads to the source. However, this certainly gives you what you need to get started and fully experience it. Moreover, using resources such as those you will find to learn a meditation practice more thoroughly (and one that you will do regularly) will pay you incredible short- and long-term dividends in health benefits and an increase in well-being, inner peace, clarity of thought, intuition, wisdom, as well as connection to your spiritual self.