Making Crucial Choices & Major Life Changes

by Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

Achieving a higher degree of accomplishment and personal fulfillment in all areas of your life is a process which involves making many important choices along the way. Those choices often require making some changes in your life that can feel quite risky. But the alternative is to stay in that comfortable state of discomfort. Making Crucial Choices & Major Life Changes is a unique interactive audiotherapy program that gives you the powerful strategies you need to sort out any aspect of your life that you feel could be better. It shows you step-by-step how to access your own inner wisdom to define and develop all the ingredients essential to help you immediately take charge of your life – once and for all. Dr. Broder walks you through 15 proven techniques and exercises to help you arrive at that destiny you have chosen with all the necessary action steps.

This powerful and highly acclaimed audiotherapy self help program in MP-3, CD or cassette format is used by people around the world to enhance their self-confidence and thus feel better about themselves. How To Develop Self-Confidence and a Positive Self-Image: Permanently and Forever is also used, recommended and highly endorsed by therapists and other professionals everywhere to help patients/clients see the importance of having great self confidence so they can handle their most haunting self-confidence issues and challenges, as well as maintain a positive attitude even in the face of difficult times. The audio program contains numerous proven strategies to help you understand what you need to know about self-image, to learn about the strategies for building self confidence in every aspect of life and how to instantly improve self confidence as well as self image and self esteem.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • Quickly become the architect of every and any area your life;
  • Master the process of risk taking; goal setting; defining, fine tuning and then developing your vision;
  • Permanently overcome the 3 biggest fears connected with making life changes and taking charge of your life – the fear of failure, the fear of success and the fear of change;
  • Expertly handle transitions, impasses, and ambivalence;
  • Have all the courage you will need to unabashedly live life your way from now on.
  • How as long as you have the strategies, the support and the will to make your dreams come true, you can master just about any personal challenge!

And much more!

See what others had to say:

“This program changed my life by showing me that I no longer have to fear change.”

– Leon Tensur

“The exercises helped me to get out of the career rut I’d been in for several years.”

-Ralph Sheers

“I really enjoyed listening to this program and using the many techniques it provided me. It taught me how to use visualization as a very effective decision-making tool. Decisions are so much easier when you know how to make the choices really clear.”

– Jennifer Pearson