Broder, M. Divorce and Separation. Chapter 4: Clinical Applications of Rational-Emotive Therapy. Edited by Albert Ellis and Michael Bernard. New York; Plenum Publishing Company (1985).

Clinical Applications for Divorce and Separation


Abstract: Over the past few decades, divorce has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. At this moment, over fifty percent of those now getting married can expect their marriage to end in divorce. In fact, some trend analysts have predicted a divorce rate in the range of eighty to ninety percent should the upward trend prove to be a linear one! In addition, although there are few statistics to bear this out, it is believed that there is an even greater termination rate of long-term, non-married relationships. Therefore, it makes a great deal of sense that as societal norms make both divorce and non-married cohabitation more “acceptable,” emotional disentanglement from a former mate is a skill that many people had better learn at some point in their lives.

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