Eating Disorders

There are people whose lives revolve around food, who dislike their bodies, who compulsively diet and weigh themselves, or who diet on one day and binge the next. Some actually feel that only “willpower” stands between the body they have and the figure of a model. If this sounds familiar, then it’s possible that you have an eating disorder. Also, you might be telling yourself that if only you could get thin— once and for all— you would finally be happy with yourself and your life.

Here is a quick check list of eating disorder symptoms: eating when you’re not physically hungry; feeling out of control around food; spending a lot of time thinking and worrying about food and fatness; constantly searching for the latest diet; and feeling negatively about your body and out of control around food (such as losing weight on a diet and then gaining back all the weight you lose and maybe even more). Purging food and fasting without being under medical supervision should also be of major concern.

The key word here is control. When you are out of control; you may feel guilty, helpless, self-indulgent and even ugly. Therefore, your task is to get the help you need to firmly regain control of your eating. When you do this, you may even find that you are finally in charge of the rest of your life as well.