Fear Of Rejection

Are you someone who is not in a long-term relationship, but wants to be? If you have little trouble meeting people, yet somehow when you get involved things rarely go beyond the initial stages of a relationship, it may be that you are holding back because of your own fear of self-disclosure.

When you fear self-disclosure, it’s usually because you are telling yourself that if your new friend gets to know who you really are, then rejection will surely follow. In reality this is little more then a negative expression of what may be your own self-opinion.

What further complicates matters is that some people in fact may not want to have anything to do with you once they have gotten to know you. This is a potential reality for all of us. However, that is certainly not always the case. Moreover, if you are to be rejected, it’s probably better just to get it over with. You will survive and then —as long as you don’t put yourself down further—you will be ready to meet the next person.

This is the formula that will eventually lead you to the right person

So take the risk. The more you reveal, the more comfortable you will be not only in revealing who you are to others, but with your own opinion of yourself.