Having It All

Is “having it all” something you consider a goal? Then you may be caught up in that syndrome where the word limitation is something that you pretend does not exist.

Indeed accepting your limitations maybe out of vogue right now, but even those who do think of themselves, as actually having it all can still be quite unhappy.

How can this be? Well, the answer is simple. They really don’t have it all. It’s been shown that power and success in ones career, particularly at a young age, can often cause ones life to become unbalanced.

The result is often a tendency to neglect your relationships, and the fun parts of your life. When this happens, the result could be chronic dissatisfaction in every area of your life as well as burnout.

So to prevent this, keep your goals realistic and most importantly, find time to enjoy and savor what you already have accomplished. Remember they were yesterday’s goals.