How to Develop
Self-Confidence and
a Positive Self-Image:
Permanently And Forever

By Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

Imagine for a moment having unshakable self-confidence.How would you change your life? Success – in all aspects of life – begins with self-confidence. Think about the successful people you know – those who can consistently make their dreams come true. Isn’t self-confidence and a winning self-image the one thing they practically all have in common?

Now for the good news. Those traits can be learned! They are all within your reach. And How To Develop Self-Confidence and a Positive Self-Image cuts right to the chase. How? By giving you the clinically-proven strategies, tools, and techniques to develop mastery over your beliefs and attitudes that ultimately determine your self-image and degree of self-esteem.

This audio program (and accompanying workbook with all the strategies) guides you through a series of exercises and visualizations – all designed to rapidly bring about an immediate, dramatic and lasting improvement in how you view yourself with respect to virtually every aspect of your life!

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about self-esteem–what it is, how it is formed, and 16 easy-to-use techniques proven to quickly enhance it;
  • How to turn failures into self-confidence boosters;
  • How to conquer your need for approval once and for all;
  • How to develop the winning attitudes for optimal self-confidence;
  • How we put ourselves down and how to permanently stop doing it;
  • How to achieve complete self-acceptance – right now – regardless of your life circumstances;
  • How your self-image and self-confidence can make you unstoppable, able to reach your potential and make your dreams come true.

And much more!

See what others had to say:

“Thanks to Dr. Broder’s program How To Develop Self-Confidence and a Positive Self-Image: Permanently and Forever, I realized I wasn’t doomed to a lifetime of self defeating beliefs and behaviors. I am now able to maintain a positive self image in situations I used to find extremely uncomfortable or threatening. I am now on my way to enriching and improving my life; and happily look forward to new challenges. I’ve discovered it’s never too late to begin to improve your self image!”

– Samantha Strasser

“This program taught me that when I believe in myself, I can accomplish anything.”

– Randy Welker

“I’ve read a lot about self esteem, since that was a life long problem of mine. But Dr. Broder actually teaches you exactly how to change a negative perception of yourself. That was really what made the difference. This program truly works.”

– Heather Jeng