How to Enhance Passion and
Sexual Satisfaction

In Your Relationship

By Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

Most couples – at one time or another – encounter an obstacle to their sexual pleasure and enjoyment of each other that prompt that question. Sometimes a sexual problem begins by affecting just one partner. But soon enough, it will probably become a relationship issue, which can potentially affect virtually everything that exists between you!

Now you can learn proven methods for both understanding, and quickly resolving your sexual issues – or ways to merely turn a good sex life into a great one!

In this self-help audio program (with a workbook containing all of the strategies), Dr. Broder, author of the popular book The Art of Staying Together, provides explicit yet professional direction to help you and your partner communicate sexual desires to each other in a way that is both non-threatening and fun! Then numerous state of the art exercises, techniques, and strategies are presented – step by step – to help you enhance and optimize the passion and sexual satisfaction in your relationship.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • Some things you may not have known about sex and passion including how practically any couple who wants to can optimally enjoy it;
  • How to increase your level of intimacy as you maximize your sexual passion;;
  • How to communicate your sexual desires and fulfill each other’s sexual fantasies;
  • What is normal sexually?
  • How to identify and address various sexual problems and dysfunctions – including when therapy, medication, or other types of professional help may be indicated;
  • How to become each other’s ideal lover with 8 fresh and powerful exercises designed to bring you to your peak of passion.

And much more!

 This powerful and highly acclaimed audio self help program is used by people around the world to for help with sexual satisfaction and passion in their marriage or love relationship. How to Enhance Passion and Sexual Satisfaction is especially for anyone–couples or individuals– who find themselves wondering what ever happened to their capacity to experience the passion and sex they once had. This is an audio program that is used, recommended and highly endorsed by therapists everywhere for helping people increase sexual fulfillment at all levels.

See what others had to say:

“It’s amazing how much sex can really improve, by just learning a few new ways to please each other.”

– Terry McCarey

“I never realized how much fun a self help tape could be!”

– Stewart Forte

“By doing the exercises in this program, we were able to once again feel as passionately toward each other as we did the very first time we had sex. Who would have thought this could be possible!”

– Julie Henson