Ideal Attitudes for Stage Climbing, by the Stages

These are some ideal attitudes for removing a lower-stage hook and climbing to a higher stage that you have chosen for virtually any area of your life, according to the stage you are operating at presently. Tweak them to fit you exactly and then use them as motivators whenever you need to throughout your Stage Climbing process:

  • Stage One―“I am tired of being dependent and relying on others. I now want to begin taking charge of my own life.”
  • Stage Two―“Being excessively self-absorbed, has thus far not gotten me what I thought it would, what I truly wanted or satisfaction around what I have achieved.”
  • Stage Three―“I am ready to start examining the unquestioned rules I have lived by (and/or that I have demanded others live by), and even to consider being more flexible and open to new ideas that are a better fit for me and my life.”
  • Stage Four―“People who won’t accept me for who I am are no longer worth my time and attention. There is much more to life than putting boundless energy into fitting in and/or the hope of getting others to admire or envy, love, and/or approve of me.”
  • Stage Five―“I want to be doing what I love, what makes me feel best about myself, and to feel rewarded internally (as well as externally).”
  • Stage Six―“Life is good; but there is more to life than my own gratification. It’s time to focus on the world that’s larger than myself.”
  • Stage Seven―“On to the next (perhaps even a bigger or more challenging) mission!”

Remember, these are just examples. Many more of them appear throughout Stage Climbing. What’s most important is for you to continue tweaking them until they fit you exactly—that is you can say that for you they are 100% true— in the part of your life where you want to see massive change.