Overcoming Your Anger

In The Shortest Time Possible

By Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

Anger is an emotion that can have devastating effects to your health, your relationships, your career, and virtually every other aspect of your life! It can range from mild irritation all the way up to intense rage – and everything in between. Anger is one of the most common, yet at the same time most difficult, emotions we experience. In this audiotherapy program Dr. Broder will teach you all about your angry reactions; first to identify to whatever triggers your anger, then to defuse those triggers, and finally to bring your angry reactions firmly under your own control in a lasting way. In addition, you will learn clinically-proven strategies and tools for controlling your angry reactions, whenever they are triggered.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • All you need to know about anger…how your anger is triggered, what happens to you when you are angry, and how it affects your relationships as well as your health;
  • 10 proven exercises you can use anytime or any place to let go of your anger on the spot while staying in control;
  • How to choose your response to an upsetting situation, rather than merely reacting in a way you may later regret;
  • How to quickly adopt non-angry attitudes and affirmations to make yourself far less vulnerable to the words and actions of others;
  • When professional help or medication may be necessary;
  • How to use empathy to resolve hostile feelings;
  • How to rapidly come to grips with, resolve, and then let go of your old hurts – regardless of how old or how intense – for good;

And much more!

This powerful and highly acclaimed audio self help program  is used by people around the world to help to them manage and overcome their anger. Overcoming Your Anger: in the Shortest Time Possible is also used, recommended and highly endorsed by therapists, life coaches physicians and other professionals everywhere to help their clients/patients learn anger management and how to control their temper when temper is a problem. The anger self-help audio program contains numerous proven strategies for controlling anger on the spot as well as for examining and changing the attitudes that underlie anger so that it does not resurface.

See what others had to say:

“I can now tolerate my boss, and respond to him assertively, rather than being in knots most of the day.”

– Frank Ontenor

“I think this program literally saved my marriage! I learned not only how to control my temper, but also why I was so angry so often and how to stop letting things get to me in the first place.”

– Kimberly Fairman

“Thanks to Overcoming Your Anger, I now know that I have a choice about how to react anytime someone tries to light my fuse — which is now much longer.”

– Danielle Nicklon