Overcoming Your Anxiety

In The Shortest Time Possible
by Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

Anxiety – along with both its causes and effects – is more prevalent today than ever! It can be mild, like what we all experience occasionally. It can be so severe that it becomes absolutely debilitating. Or it can be anything in betwee. But regardless of the degree, what all anxiety has in common is its ability to dilute the quality of your life! That includes your work and play activities, your health, and even your relationships.

With Dr. Broder’s interactive and user-friendly approach in Overcoming Your Anxiety, you will learn how to pinpoint the nature of your anxiety and to control it so it no longer controls you!

This audiotherapy program and the workbook containing all of the anxiety reducing strategies is used by psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers and other types of mental health professionals throughout the English-speaking world with their own patients/clients to supplement the treatment they provide. Now it is available to you!

Dr. Broder teaches you exactly what anxiety is, how to identify and address your own unique anxiety triggers as well as the underlying root causes of your anxiety. He then guides you through a series of the latest clinically-proven exercises and strategies to quickly and permanently overcome your anxiety – once and for all!

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • The 21 signs and symptoms of the various types of anxiety;
  • Why you may be holding on to your anxiety and how to quickly let go of it;
  • 16 proven exercises designed first to lessen and then to instantly free you of your anxiety right on the spot;
  • How to permanently resolve the self doubts that are at the core of your anxiety;
  • When professional help or medication may be necessary;
  • How to gain mastery over your relaxation response;
  • Visualization, breathing, and thought-stopping techniques designed to help you become truly fearless in the most important areas of your life;

And much more!

This powerful and highly acclaimed audio self help program is used by people around the world to to handle everyday anxiety. It is also for those who suffer from generalized anxiety disorders, performance anxiety, social anxiety, anxiety attacks, test anxiety, communication anxiety and other symptoms and issues that are anxiety related. Overcoming Your Anxiety is also used, recommended and highly endorsed by therapists, life coaches, physicians and other professionals everywhere to help those who need information, advice and strategies on how to permanently eliminate the self doubts and attitudes that underlie anxiety in all of its forms. The audio program contains many proven cognitive behavioral strategies for dissolving anxiety and panic right on the spot as well as long term solutions for conquering anxiety at its roots and when professional treatment is warranted, along with a discussion of the types of treatment that are most effective.

See what others had to say:

“For the first time in years, I feel like I am again in control!”

– Samantha Mitchell

“The exercises included in Overcoming Your Anxiety were exceptionally easy to follow. They have helped me to see the small gains that I am able to make by focusing in on my thinking about those things that make me anxious. I recommend it highly to anyone who either suffers from anxiety or wants to understand anxiety so that they can help a loved one.”

– Andrea Kreaton

“This program clearly helped me to understand my anxiety and cut it down to size.”

– Daniel Vetter