What mental heath professionals are saying about

Dr. Michael Broder’s Audio Programs

“This series of audiotherapy programs is remarkably clear and precise and will prove to be exceptionally useful to any listener who works at following them. We use them with great success here at the Institute.”

Albert Ellis, Ph.D. Psychologist and Author, A New Guide to Rational Living

“These programs are excellent adjuncts to psychotherapy. The strategies on the tape programs facilitate client involvement both in and out of the therapy session.”

Cynthia E. Jayne, Ph.D. Faculty, Department of Psychiatry, Temple University School of Medicine

“Responding to the escalating need for quality therapeutic aids in an era of cost containment in psychotherapy, noted psychologist ‘ Dr. Michael Broder has produced an excellent series of audio programs dealing with the common presenting psychological issues confronting many of us in today’s challenging world. Covering topics from stress, anxiety and depression, to a number of tapes dealing with relationships (an area of special expertise for Dr. Broder), Dr. Broder’s tapes provide opportunities to quickly and effectively supplement professional psychotherapy, or when appropriate, to utilize as an effective form of self help. These tapes respond to the therapeutic and economic realities of today’s world, and I highly endorse them.”

Richard A. Lippin, MD. Corporate Medical Director

“A brief intensive program that supports the therapist and gives breadth to clients in order to enrich their lives with depth.”

George Stanley, Ph.D. Law Enforcement Stress Manager and Psychologist Santa Monica, California

“I have found Dr. Broder’s tapes to be a valuable tool toward enabling my clients to continue their work beyond the therapy hour in an educational and beneficial manner. I use them quite frequently in my practice and recommend them highly.”

Carol Zawid, Ph.D. Author, Sexual Health, A Nurse’s Guide

“Excellent programs – very supportive and filled with practical advice and ideas that can be implemented readily into the listener’s life. Dr. Broder introduces a warm and human approach to many sensitive subjects.”

Karen Wilner, Psy.D. Psychologist and Director, Drexel University Counseling Center

“Distinctly leads to shorter, focused treatment with greatly improved quality.”

Fran Grabosky, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Dr. Broder’s audiotherapy programs deliver! I find them extremely useful for the higher functioning patient. They are most effective in conveying a practical approach to teach patients how to manage their emotions. I recommend them highly.”

Rosemary Peterson Department Head, Hastings Regional Center Hastings, Nebraska

“Tapes are terrific. I am not only recommending them to clients, but using a few of them on myself. They deserve national attention and I trust they are getting it.”

T.K. (Psychiatrist)

“Audiotherapy programs have been used with a huge success rate. Clients have stated that the programs are very realistic and applicable to their individual situations and that they help them to keep focused on their issues.”

I.W. (Psychologist)

“Has an overall supportive role in therapy. Very helpful in addressing and focusing on issues. They can help clients to use their drive time as a part of therapy.”

J.H. (Clinical Social Worker)

“Excellent supplemental focusing tool.”

D.C.W. (Psychologist)

“Serves as a cognitive anchor for the many people whom I have used them with. It can normalize some very intense feelings while educating the client. Clients have thanked me profusely for assigning them.”

C.J. (Clinical Social Worker)

“I believe the The Help Yourself Series has cut the length of therapy at least in half with every patient I have given it to!”

R.B. (Psychologist)

“These CDs have given many of my coaching clients tremendous help with the obstacles that have prevented them from reaching their goals.

F.N. (Executive Coach)

“I’ve listened to all 12 Help Yourself programs and learned many of the skills I use as a coach from them.”

S.N. (Life Coach)