Downloadable MP3 album



Achieving Your Full Potential

by Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

Finally, Maslow’s Concept Of Self-Actualization Has Become User-Friendly!

In this groundbreaking downloadable MP3 album, Dr. Broder has added the one element to Maslow’s legendary concept of self-actualization that has always been lacking, since Maslow first introduced it in 1962: the powerful and practical action steps to put Maslow’s Self-Actualization principles in place for you in virtually any aspect of your life!

This album is a must for anyone who recognizes that there may be a gap between what their life is and what it could be.

In what may be some of the most innovative and powerful exercises ever put in MP3 form, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify your unique potential;
  • Understand what motivates you and recognize what may be blocking your quest toward success as well as emotional and spiritual growth;
  • Evaluate the areas of your life in which you are satisfied, versus those which need improvement;
  • Put it all together in a way that is uniquely your own.

The user-friendly self-assessment will guide you to:

  • Discover your life’s mission;
  • Make crucial choices regarding change;
  • Learn to use the techniques of mediation and visualization to greatly sharpen both your focus and problem-solving skills;
  • Learn to apply the concepts of self-actualization to all areas of your life including relationships, parenting, and the workplace.

And Much More!


See what others had to say:”This program has truly changed my life in a way that nothing else I have tried so far ever could!” – J.L.*

“A must for anyone who recognizes that there could be a gap between what your life is and what your life could be.” – L.R.*


“Picks up where Maslow left off and brings his work into the 21st century – with the strategies I needed to apply self actualization principles to my life!” – K.S.*