Some Stage Seven Strategies for Getting Beyond Yourself

If there is a recipe to make Stage Seven your default stage, it is to let the combination of your passion (to manifest something new) and your gratitude (for that which you already have), be the forces that guide you. Here are a few things to think about and try in order to do that:

  • Make a list of the qualities of Stage Seven people you know or know of and admire that in your eyes most put them in this stage.
  • What do the Sevens you have noted believe about themselves and/ or their mission that you need to believe (or believe more) about yours? What do you have in common with them?
  • What purpose(s) outside of yourself inspire(s) you or prompt(s) you to care deeply? It could be a charitable endeavor, political issue or candidate, some form of injustice, the environment, an ongoing world problem, or any matter affecting others beyond yourself that you believe you can and/or must become involved with. Your mission could be one that benefits a specific person or group (as close as an immediate family member[s] of your own, a complete stranger, or a specific population such as children or animals) who need some kind of help that you could provide.
  • Identify anything that comes to mind where you could see yourself expending the degree of energy toward something that you would have (in the earlier stages) if you were looking to benefit yourself directly. What are some steps you are willing to take in order to maximize your impact toward that cause or causes you’ve identified? If nothing comes up, let it go for now (but make it a point to revisit this question often) and trust that a Stage Seven mission with the necessary level of inspiration will find or call upon you, when the time is right. Remember; the route to Stage Seven is first to simply listen to your inner dialog, concerns and passions, and then allow yourself to be guided by them.
  • Your practice of meditation, yoga and/or other ways of exploring and deepening your reservoir of wisdom and insight is the best thing to keep you in this zone. Maintaining some form of inner practice as a permanent staple in your life is most important at Stage Seven.

Like almost anything else—with consistency— Stage Seven practices become second nature. And the rewards are infinite!