How to Develop the Ingredients for Staying Together

In Your Marriage Or Love Relationship

By Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

The most fulfilling marriages and love relationships operate not by the old rules, but are custom jobs. For yours to last and thrive in a way that truly fulfills both you and your partner, some brand new – and very specific – skills and attitudes are essential! Most couples assume these come about automatically; but in this era of time – with the volatility of relationships being what it is – they rarely do.

In this audio program, Dr. Broder gives you (and your partner, if you do this program together) a formula to identify and clarify each and every one of your relationship issues – separately or together. You will then be guided step-by-step to apply a fresh array of proven state-of-the-art clinical strategies to your own unique situation.

This program contains Dr. Broder’s latest techniques for couples, which also makes it (as many readers have found) an ideal supplement or follow up to his popular book The Art Of Staying Together.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • About the two pillars necessary to make your long term relationship successful — passion and comfort; and how you and your partner can quickly identify what’s missing, and then work to build and to enhance them together;
  • How to build trust and increase your level of intimacy;
  • How to arrive at win-win solutions for practically any conflict;
  • How to cultivate excellent communication together;
  • The 12 communication traps and how to avoid them;
  • How to listen to each other (with a very powerful listening exercise) so that each of you is truly heard;
  • The different styles successful couples use to be of support to each other;
  • 14 exercises and numerous other strategies that you and your partner can use to bring you both together as a team in all important areas of your relationship, along with all of the crucial ingredients for a life together that is optimally fulfilling – long-term;

And much more!

This powerful and highly acclaimed audio program is used by couples around the world to help them resolve their relationship issues and enhance effective communication skills. It is also used, recommended and highly endorsed by therapists everywhere for helping couples stay together happily, increase fulfillment at all levels and to give advice and guidance to partners on how to provide support for each other, along with proven strategies for strengthening marriages whether or not they are showing signs of trouble. It even speaks to partners who need advice on such things as pros and cons of staying together for the kids.

See what others had to say:

“We found this program to be even better for us than professional counseling, because it gave us the opportunity to listen, rather than be so quick to respond. Plus, we could do the exercises at our own pace and on our own terms. We now can talk to each other about important things without fighting!”

– Annette Della

“How To Develop The Ingredients For Staying Together was like having a marriage counselor at our disposal at the exact time we needed him. It helped us to understand exactly why we couldn’t resolve an ongoing problem we had been struggling with for 24 years. After that, resolving it was relatively easy.”

– Bradley Tipps

“Had my ex and I listened to this program, we’d probably still be together!”

– Kory Verlin