Surviving The Economic Crisis

There are few things that can throw a family into as much emotional turmoil, as can an economic crisis. This could be caused by sudden unemployment, a large unexpected expense, a disability, a major financial loss or, of course, a sudden and devastating change in our economic climate—such as the one we are now experiencing.

Where many families cause themselves needless trouble, is when there is polarization during a crisis instead of coming together. Polarization or coming apart, often results from the blaming and hindsight that are nothing more than symptoms of anxiety and fear.

There is nothing more necessary during a period of economic crisis than for every member of the family to make any effort possible to be supportive of each other.

While pulling in the same direction may not correct the financial hardship itself, it will certainly minimize the potentially devastating psychological effects.

In fact, many couples and families will tell you that they were able to become even closer as a result of crisis—economic or otherwise. If this can happen in your situation, you may actually be able to look back at it someday as a blessing in disguise.