The Art of Staying Together

by Michael Broder

“Smart, sensible and sophisticated … for today’s couples interested in making their relationship last.” – Book of The Month Club

For anyone who wants to have – or improve – a long term relationship. The Art of Staying Together helps you to explore the vast spectrum of options. It offers blame-free, nonjudgmental advice for both recognizing and determining the relationship choices that will work best for you and your partner.The many topics covered include:

  • How to turn a short-term relationship into one that lasts, prebound and rebound relationships;
  • One-sided relationships, monogamy vs. non-monogamy (synogamy), developing and enhancing both passion and comfort;
  • How your relationship can survive an affair, how to turn around stormy and indifferent relationships;
  • Understanding and overcoming jealousy;
  • The case for and against parenthood;
  • Understanding how previous relationships may have gone awry;
  • How to get out with dignity when your relationship ends or has run its course;
  • When and how to make a reconciliation work;
  • Also included is a unique relationship inventory to evaluate your potential to last as a couple;
  • And much, much more!

More Reviews:“This practical book speaks about real life and to real problems. Dr. Broder’s experience shows.” – Dr. Sonya Friedman, CNN

“Dr. Broder’s insight and wisdom will help many, many couples to enhance their relationships. The Relationship Inventory is a masterpiece. I will surely urge my patients, friends and colleagues to add it to their self help libraries.” – Dr. Penelope Russianoff, Author of “Why Do I Think Im Nothing Without A Man?”


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