Low Sexual Desire

A lot has been said about a dysfunction called inhibited sexual desire. Inhibited sexual desire or ISD is exactly what it says. It is the lack of desire for sex. ISD has nothing to do with your performance per se. Instead, it’s experienced as apathy or indifference with respect to initiating sex or a loss of sexual appetite in general.

Sometimes this occurs in relationships because sex is not kept fresh and exciting. Couples often get into a rut because their love making becomes routine – occurring only at certain times, or always in a set and fixed way. Then, at some point, it becomes monotonous and boring. When this happens, it can sometimes seem more like a task or obligation than an act of mutual pleasure. Then very slowly, either one or both partners find themselves desiring sex toward the other less and less.

ISD can have many causes; it can be the result of any unresolved problem that exists in the relationship. Sometimes, it can even be the fear of intimacy itself. In other cases, depression is the culprit.

The success rate is high in otherwise good relationships where ISD is a problem, if you are willing to address the issues that are behind it