Rebound Relationships

The term rebound relationship generally refers to an involvement that gets initiated during a time when you’re in transition. Usually you’re most vulnerable to rebound relationships while you’re in the process of divorce or separation.

Feelings of infatuation are often mistaken for love. Although it can feel very good at the time, the important thing to remember is that you may not be allowing yourself to assess objectively, the long term appropriateness of the relationship.

Rebound relationships rarely work, because you’re often not relating to the other person, but to the need in you that the other person fulfills. Sometimes, this need could include acting out revenge toward your former partner, or the desire for some anesthesia against your pain of loneliness.

On the other hand, if you can look at them as transitional relationships, and recognize their transient nature, They can provide you with a legitimate stepping stone to the real thing.