Rekindling Love

If your relationship seems to have lost its spark, and you are trying to rekindle that love once again, a question that you may be asking yourself and your partner is whether saving your romance is possible. The answer is sometimes.

It can usually be saved if the right ingredients were there in the first place, and when the relationship has been suffering from a lot of strain over an issue that is resolvable. If this is the case, by resolving the issue, very often the passion will return. However, this is only true if the desire on the part of both people is truly to save the relationship and there’s a commitment by each of you to work on bringing back those lost romantic feelings.

On the other hand, if those feelings were not really there in the first place, if either partner is unwilling to work on resolving the issues, or either of you has someone else with whom you are more sexually attracted, chances are its over – at least romantically.

The bottom line is to leave no stone unturned in saving your relationship, as long as both of you are genuinely committed to doing so.