Two Sources of Mentors

If you could have any mentor in the world (who is ether alive today or has ever lived), who would that person or those persons be? Take a current dilemma or situation you are considering or with which you are now struggling. When you have something in mind, write a short essay—even a paragraph or two—on how that person would handle (or advise you to handle or resolve) your issue or dilemma. What do your “mentors” believeabout your circumstances that you would be much better off believing? Keep in mind the fact that you can have as many of these kinds of “mentors” as you want—even different ones for different aspects of your life. With this exercise, think of them (your “mentors”) as your “strongest self” (or even the voice of your highest potential) which you can access 24 hours a day.

Now, is there an actual mentor, coach, or therapist who is now available to you in person that you could reach out to for help in manifesting your dream(s) or removing one or more obstacles to it? The best mentors for you are generally people who have and are still accomplishing for themselves what you are now striving to do. Consider getting the help you need to get moving―now or as soon as possible―as an important step in yourStage Climbing process. Remember, time is the one commodity that cannot be replaced, once it’s gone.