Using The Basic Stage Climbing Drill

Putting Stage Climbing to work for you in any area of your life is a lot simpler that you might think. Here is the basic drill, which is a protocol you can apply to an issue in any area of your life:

• Identify a hook, issue, or an area of your life in which you believe you are not functioning optimally:


• Identify the stage from which you are currently operating with regard to the above issue, hook, or aspect of your life:

Stage 1_____2_____3_____4_____5_____6_____7_____


• Choose your target stage (consider this your goal) from which you would like to be operating when addressing this issue, hook, or in this area of your life.

Stage 1_____2_____3_____4_____5_____6_____7_____


• Looking at this issue through the lens of your target stage, how do you now see it?

• Identify the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that characterize your chosen target stage in the specific situation you have identified. Sometimes, that’s all you need to do. However, in other situations, more of the strategies that you will find in the book or on this site are needed to “hardwire” aspects of your target stage.

• Apply whatever strategies and action steps may be needed to lock in your target stage in order to make it your default stage with respect to that hook, issue, or aspect of life. The purpose of almost all Stage Climbing strategies will help you do this.


• With some practice and what you will learn as you read Stage Climbing, this will soon become second nature.

Now try this with an issue or two you’d like to handle better.