Typical reasons for making Job or Career Changes:

You may be aware that a job or career change is necessary for you, but feel stuck. If you currently are nowhere near a Stage Six default with your work (as discussed in last week’s blog), but wish you were, take this opportunity to ponder what you really want to be doing with this part of your life. Make a list of all the excuses that are holding you back and deal with each one separately, or, for the sake of this exercise, pretend that your excuses simply don’t exist.

I have helped folks of all ages and life circumstances to get into careers that were thought to be the domain of people much younger, with more money, fewer responsibilities, etc. In the end, all things are possible unless you persist in believing they aren’t.

Begin by seeing which stage(s) you most identify with regarding the reason(s) for this major life change:

  • Stage One―Job became too challenging and/or less secure.
  • Stage Two―Was exposed for violating policy, claiming undeserved credit or other forms of dishonesty or unethical behavior.
  • Stage Three―Environment was too unstructured … Need more structure.
  • Stage Four―May seek change because of not “fitting in,” not getting along with, not liking or not being liked by the boss or co-workers … For more prestige … To follow an emotionally nurturing boss.
  • Stage Five― For advancement, more money, fewer hours, easier commute, better contacts and/or benefits, etc.
  • Stage Six―To seek a greater, more fulfilling, or a more enjoyable personal challenge where I am doing what I love and really want to spend my precious time doing it!
  • Stage Seven―To move on to serve a higher cause.

What career or job would put you in your target stage careerwise? Identify the one or ones that would, and as a first step, become committed to getting the information you need to begin taking action. Most importantly, leave no stone unturned in pursuing your dream!