Your Best Attitudes about Your Career and the Work You Do

Let’s start the month of May by looking at your typical career outlook by the stages:

  • Stage One―“It’s safe and provides me with feelings of security.”
  • Stage Two―“It’s an easy way to find lots of opportunities to feel powerful by manipulating and bullying others as well as (perhaps) to make easy money.”
  • Stage Three―“It is the type of work my family/ ‘tribe’ does (or always did) or values most.”
  • Stage Four―“It gives me prestige and/or a steady stream of good people contact.” In addition, “It pleases the people in my life whose approval I value most.”
  • Stage Five―“It’s lucrative (or pays the bills) and/ or gives me something to do and/or nice contacts and perks.”
  • Stage Six―“I love what I do … It’s what comes easiest to me, feels most flowing and natural … I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else … I feel fulfilled irrespective of the financial and other extrinsic rewards I get … I get pleasure from the challenge of it … If I never again had to work, I would still choose to be doing this.”
  • Stage Seven―“It’s an excellent way (or the best way I can) to make the contribution I want to make the most.”

If you cannot identify with the target stages Six and Seven careerwise, you may want to consider this a wake-up call. I have met very few people who couldn’t find a way to operate at least out of Stage Six with respect to some major aspect their careers if they really wanted to and were willing to do what it takes to get there. And although getting there may certainly take a lot of effort, the rewards are immeasurable!  Next Tuesday, we will take this concept a step further, by discussing a career change to the target change you want.