What Typically Trigger Anxiety in You at Various Stages

What typically triggers Anxiety in you at each of the seven stages:

  • Stage One―Fears concerning such things as abandonment, physical or mental disability and extreme poverty … Being, living, and/or dying alone where you would be or even merely feel unable to survive or change a dreaded fate.
  • Stage Two―The prospect of being caught, punished, or exposed for your deliberate antisocial activities … Losing your freedom or cover … Twos often have a built-in immunity to anxiety. Thus, it can take a lot for some Twos  to feel any anxiety at all.
  • Stage Three―Leaving your comfort zone, especially when “the rules” aren’t clear … The possibility of being damned, punished, or even killed for doing or perhaps even thinking something different than whatever would be acceptable to a feared authority (real or imagined) … “Shades of gray.”
  • Stage Four―Being (or the prospect of being) rejected, embarrassed or seen as inadequate, “a failure” or of lesser worth by someone (or many, e.g., your peer group or even a segment of the public) whose validation is important to you … Worries about losing a love relationship through some form of rejection, are very characteristic of this stage..
  • Stage Five―Becoming unglued as your roles expand; or worry that circumstances will overwhelm or render you unable to fulfill your roles … The awareness of any form of self-sabotage, where you somehow (usually by virtue of your lower-stage hooks) defeat your own purpose or inadvertently get into your own way.
  • Stage Six―The prospect of failure (or being unable) to pursue or receive satisfaction from something you passionately enjoy.
  • Stage Seven―When worried about or feeling powerless to combat forces that oppose you when trying to make the necessary contribution that the mission or calling to which you are committed requires … The prospect of not bringing your mission, calling, or contribution to fruition.

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For next Tuesday’s blog, I’ll discuss what typically triggers depression in you at each of the seven stages.