What Typically Trigger Depression in You at Various Stages

Depression is a condition that can be medical, psychological, or both. More importantly, it can negatively affect the quality of your life and every aspect of it. To gain an understanding about depression, along with strategies and exercises to manage it as well as information about when more treatment is necessary, visit the “Downloads” page on this site, to download your complimentary MP3 audio, Overcoming Your Depression. I wrote this program to be a major step toward bringing your mood under your own control.

First, however, it’s important to recognize what typically triggers depression in you at each of the seven stages:

  • Stage One―How you perceive yourself as a result of feelings of grief, inadequacy, hopelessness, or self-pity … The overwhelming prospect of being abandoned or having to “survive” alone.
  • Stage Two―Having unpleasant (and usually unexpected) consequences for your behavior, from which you cannot escape … Depression for Twos is generally short-lived and will usually convert to anger as soon as an enemy (for the purposes of blame) is established.
  • Stage Three―Being unable to find the answers to a crisis or dilemma within the narrow boundaries of your comfort zone, or the inability to get hold of a clear direction and/or feeling of reassurance from the “book of rules” to which you subscribe.
  • Stage Four―A major rejection or scorn by a person or a group whose opinion, you believe, has significance to you … When your self-esteem takes a major hit or you put yourself down for some failure, real or perceived … Relationship issues, especially those regarding your feelings for each other that you or your partner are unable or unwilling to address.
  • Stage Five―Having an important role in your life (e.g., a relationship, financial situation. or career negatively change  in a way that’s undesirable to you and out of your control to reverse or correct … Boredom with your  life that on the surface has “everything going for it”… A serious illness that threatens your ability to fulfill any or all of your most important chosen roles.
  • Stage Six―Being unable to pursue or enjoy that which you love or are passionate about and do best.
  • Stage Seven―Failing to successfully carry out a commitment and/or help those to whom you are committed via your calling or mission.

Next Tuesday, I’ll discuss what typically triggers grief in you at each of the seven stages.