By Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.

Our Help Yourself Audio Programs bring you…

Prescription strength audiotherapy over the counter!


Help Yourself is a powerful and groundbreaking concept in self-help. Timeless, yet state of the art, each of the user friendly and highly interactive programs focus on a crucial life issue. Help Yourself contains no pat answers, jargon or clichs. Instead, it provides an hour of essential bottom line information to help you–the listener– thoroughly understand your issue, then teaches you the most powerful tools, strategies and techniques to help you resolve it as you listen and in the privacy of your home or car!

With Help Yourself— You are now only seconds away from the help you need to attack your most difficult personal or relationship issue(s)!

Since 1994, Help Yourself Audiotherapy Programs have helped hundreds of thousands around the world to make permanent life changes–risk free.

Help Yourself programs contain the latest state-of-the-art research proven strategies and techniques that have been consistently shown to deliver lasting results. By this we mean to help you resolve your specific issue in the shortest time possible by using action steps shown to deliver maximum efficiency and effectiveness!

Help Yourself programs show you how to see results-immediately! In some cases, they even help you to understand why self-help alone may not be able to do the job (and in that situation, direct you to the type of help you need).

Help Yourself delivers the action steps you need to get you working to conquer Anxiety, Depression, and Anger. Other programs empower you to take charge of your life by Making Life Choices and Changes, to develop Self Confidence and Manage Your Stress.

Our powerful Relationship Programs help you to Find A New Love Relationship if you are looking for one, Develop The Ingredients For Staying Together or Enhance Passion and Sexual Satisfaction with your partner; answer the question Can Your Relationship Be Saved? should you be trying to make that determination, Let Go of an Ended Love Relationship when that’s the reality and/or Make The Single Life Work For You if you are not in a relationship.

Since 1994, Help Yourself programs have helped hundreds of thousands around the world to make permanent life changes in their lives. With our downloadable MP-3 programs, immediate help for you is now available and only seconds and a few clicks away!

There has never been anything quite like our Help Yourself programs!

Many who were are thinking of going into therapy have reported first trying one of our Help Yourself programs for a fraction of the cost of one therapy session; and no longer had the need for formal treatment. Others have found that Help Yourself programs helped them greatly to clarify the issues they needed to bring into therapy, or to be the perfect companion to their treatment. Often it was recommended by their therapists in the first place to be used in between sessions to supplement treatment.

The Help Yourself series is written and narrated by psychologist Dr. Michael S. Broder who has been seen on seen on Oprah, the Today Show and countless other programs. He has a long track record as a psychologist you can understand and trust. The original programs were edited by the late Dr. Albert Ellis who was the originator of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), and generally acclaimed as one of the greatest and most influential psychologists ever.

Dr. Broder certainly can’t see everyone in his practice, but his Help Yourself programs are the next best thing. He talks directly to you and gives you the information and step by step guidance you need to connect his strategies to your exact situation as listen to the program. You will quickly experience how the powerful combination of the information and the action steps can produce optimal results for you. It’s like having the ideal session with him personally, whenever and wherever you want it. Because you will see rapid change in yourself and your issues, each time you listen will be completely new experience.

Covering a broad range of issues, Help Yourself helps you help yourself resolve your specific issue in the shortest time possible, and with the least amount of effort to get the job done!

In the Help Yourself series, Dr. Broder shows you how to:

  • Become empowered while remaining truly fearless by using self-assessments and visualizations, breathing exercises, thought stopping and numerous other types of action steps and proven strategies;
  • Adopt winning attitudes to meet the obstacles to resolving your issue head-on;
  • Conquer the need for approval and fear of failure;
  • Determine what is normal (and optimal) as well as when more help may be needed than an audio or self-help program can deliver;
  • Improve your marriage and love relationships;
  • Let go of an ended relationship, enjoy life on your own and find a new love relationship when you are ready.
  • Let go of an ended relationship, enjoy life on your own and find a new love relationship when you are ready.

… and much more!

Here’s why so many have found Dr Broder’s Help Yourself Audiotherapy programs to be helpful:

They are QUICK, PRIVATE AND EFFECTIVE. You will see immediate results–in minutes–with your first audiotherapy session. Many have even reported that they were able to resolve or make progress with certain issues that they felt too embarrassed to bring up in face to face therapy or discuss with anyone else.

They are INTERACTIVE. Each Help Yourself program shows you exactly how to reinforce your insights, help you measure your progress and even handle relapses. Each program comes with a workbook containing all of the actual strategies in print that are heard on the audio program. This makes your action steps even more available to you whenever you need them the most.

They are CONVENIENT. You can listen to Help Yourself programs in your car, while exercising or just relaxing at home. And you can take advantage of the strategies whenever you can use a little guidance, support, or a boost– and as often as you would like!

In addition, audiotherapy is cost-effective. It can also be used in conjunction with your therapy should you be working with a professional.

What sets Help Yourself apart from the countless other self-help programs on the market? It is the only series of self help programs of its kind that is both used and highly endorsed by mental health and other helping professionals (such as physicians, nurses and coaches) as well as people like you. . Many professionals actually use the Help Yourself programs as an important part of their treatment.

And most importantly…You can try it risk free!

Help Yourself programs come with an iron clad unconditional money back warranty that they will deliver the results that you and you alone expect or your money will be refunded-no questions asked!

What is an issue you would like to resolve now? Which of the Help Yourself programs may be of benefit to you or someone you care about?

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Our Help Yourself Relationship Programs Include:

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Programs For Singles:

  • How To Find A New Love Relationship That Will Work For You
  • The Single Life: How To Love It With Or Without A Relationship:

Programs For Couples (Includes exercises that can be done separately or together):

Programs For Those in Relationship Transition:

The… Risk Free Product Guarantee:

All of our audio programs (with the exception of downloadable ones) come with an unconditional money back guarantee that they will deliver the results that you and you alone expect.

If you are not completely satisfied – if for any reason whatsoever, any product you ever order from us does not deliver for you in a way that meets or exceeds your every expectation – simply return it within 60 days of the time you received it for a full refund — No questions asked!

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